Ofertas de Empleo

Listamos a continuación las ofertas de empleo que nos llegan

(22/11/2016) Meteorologist, Physicist, or Engineer, University of Tübingen, Germany

(07/09/2015) Post-doc position on observational analysis of lidar data to characterize turbulence in the PBL, University of Oklahoma

(13/07/2015) Observation-based Research Scientist, Univ. Exeter

(23/06/2015) Associate Research Fellows / Research Fellow, Univ. Exeter

(12/05/2015) 2 Fellowships on Electro-Hydrodynamic production of nanostructures, DEW Lab, in Tarragona

(10/03/2015) Ph.D. student in Max Planck Institute for Chemistry (MPIC), in Mainz

(25/02/2015) PhD thesis on Fog Processes at Ecole Polytechnique, in Paris

(03/02/2015) PhD position in entomological lidar, Univ. of Lund

(29/12/2014) Engineer in Laser Remote Sensing, MPI for Meteorology in Hamburg

(29/12/2014) Scientist in Laser Remote Sensing, MPI for Meteorology in Hamburg

(13/11/2014) Scientist to work on cloud, aerosol and precipitation retrievals from the EarthCARE satellite, ECMWF Headquarters,  Reading (UK)

(03/11/2014) Assistant, Associate, Full or Visiting Professor in Kuwait

(17/10/2014) Postdoc in Atmospheric Science and Technology, Paris

(09/09/2014) PostDoc position in the Climate Observations division at KNMI

(12/06/2014) Research Scientist: Atmospheric compositional change, NILU (Norwegian Institute for Air Research)

(23/04/2014) PhD thesis on Fog Processes,Ecole Polytechnique in Paris

(11/04/2014) PhD Student in Experimental Aerosol Research , Paul Sherrer Institute, Switzerland

(11/04/2014)PhD Student in Experimental Aerosol Research , Paul Sherrer Institute, Switzerland

(11/04/2014)Postdoctoral fellow in research on aerosol-cloud interaction , Paul Sherrer Institute, Switzerland

(11/04/2014) Postdoctoral fellow in research on atmospheric soot particles, Paul Sherrer Institute, Switzerland

(12/03/2014) PhD position in the field of Aerosol-Cloud interactions and their impact on arctic climate, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki

(11/03/2014) Developer for aerosol instrumentation and laboratory and field measurements,Aerosol d.o.o Slovenia.

(03/03/2014)Early stage researcher in the framework of VERTIGO, LMU Munich.

(17/02/2014) Two doctoral positions in Aerosol Physics at the University of Vienna

(13/02/2014) PostDoc position at Stockholm University, Department of Meteorology

(24-01-2014) Postdoctoral Fellow in Atmospheric Chemistry with emphasis on mass spectrometic methods

(14-10-2013) PhD student position in Atmospheric Physics at the Department of Meteorology

(11/09/2013) Alomar Observatory seeks two engineers

(02/07/2013) Contractor position in ESTEC for an "Aeolus Data Processing Support Engineer" in the Aeolus project

(20/05/2013) PhD thesis in LIDAR and Raman spectroscopy

(02/05/2013) Postdoctoral in the Artic

 (10/04/2013) Postdoc-position in atmospheric modeling at CzechGlobe

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